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Judzką krainę, p/e

Far in Judea, all through the night
Stars were a-gleam with silvery light
O'er the fields, o'er the fields, o'er the fields.
All the world lay dreaming deep, dreaming deep.
In the town the strangers guesting
And the people all were resting fast asleep, fast asleep.
Shepherds in the hills sand meadows,
Lay 'mid the quiet shadows
Guarding their flock of sheep. (2)

Lo, soon the skies grew wondrously bright;
Ne'er had the shepherds seen such a sight
In the sky! (3)
What could all this strange light be, strange light be?
Overhead the angels singing
Sweetest message now were bringing:
"Haste to see! (2)
For in the stable lowly
Born is the Infant Holy
All men from sin to free." (2)

Roused by the music sent from on high
The fearful shepherds gazed at the sky
On this night. (3)
Such a wonder they could see, they could see
Said the Angel, "Do not fear,
Haste to Bethlehem so near,
Sing with glee. (2)
For on this glorious morn
A Savior has been born;
There is awaiting thee!" (2)

Their humble gifts before Him they laid,
And with a song deep homage they paid
To the Christ. (3)
Infant Babe, O Godhead true, Godhead true,
Lord and King of all creation,
See us bring in adoration
Love for You. (2)
By this Birth condescending
Grant us the joys unending —
In heaven's life anew. (2)