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Queen of the Rosary

Queen of the Rosary
(Królowej Różańca św.)

English Text and Accompaniment by Sr Mary Evelyn Rybicki, CSSF

1. Queen of the Rosary, holy Virgin Mary,
Hope of all sinners, we greet you, Lovely Lady
Without a blemish, O Lily pure.
Your love for us always will endure.

2. Virgin of Virgins, holiest of women,
We love you, Mary, O Queen of earth and heaven.
Most lovely Flower, O Lily fair,
You are filled with grace and beauty rare.

3. Queen of the Rosary, bright Star of the ocean,
Queen of the Angels, O lovely Mother holy,
You are the most precious Lily white;
We greet you, O Mary, guiding Light!

4. You are the fairest of roses in God's garden
And the most pleasing of all the roots of Aaron,
We hail you joyfully, Mother dear;
You are our sweet solace ever near!

5. Praise to you, Mary, we sing of your great glory;
Queen of the Rosary, you reign with Christ so nobly.
Holiest of all the Saints in heav'n,
Countless graces to you have been giv'n.