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Lista parafii







Nov. 27, 2016 - Dec. 2, 2017






We are preparing a third version of Pan z Wam--for Sundays and Holydays only.

As always the contents will include: readings and Mass collects for Sundays as well as Holydays according to the liturgical calendar.  Also, included without any changes are hymns and prayers for recitation in Church.  This missalette will have 416 pages.  You may familiarize yourself with the details on our internet website.

If interested in this version and you wish to change your current order, please inform us no later than July 30, 2016.  Since our Liturgical Center functions with limited personnel, please respond as soon as possible in writing or via internet:

If we do not receive any requests for new changes from our subscribers, your subscription will remain as ordered or as it was in the current year.


You can see inside, click below:

Title Page
Mass Ordo
Sundays & Holydays Masses

Sygn. Nazwa   jednostki Daty
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