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Christ the King


Christ is Lord of eternal life. Full right to pass definitive judgement on the works and hearts of men belongs to him as redeemer of the world. On Judgement Day at the end of the world, Christ will come in glory to achieve the definitive triumph of good over evil which, like the wheat and the tares, have grown up together in the course of history. When he comes at the end of time to judge the living and the dead, the glorious Christ will reveal the secret disposition of hearts and will render to each man according to his works, and according to his acceptance or refusal of grace. (KKK, 679-682)


Tytuł Nuty Melodia Tekst
All Hail the Power 0763
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus 0762
Bóg nad swym ludem 0760
Chrystus Wodzem 0750
Crown Him with Many Crowns 0767
Hail, Redeemer, King Divine 0765
Idziesz przez wieki 0751
Króluj nam Chryste 0752
Na Twojej, Chryste 0753
Narodów Zbawco 0754
Nie rzucim Chryste 0761
Niech dźwięczy pieśń 0755
Niechaj będzie pochwalony 0756
O Chryste Królu 0757
O Jezu słodki 0758
Przez całe nieba przestworza 0759
Rejoice, the Lord is King 0764
The King of Kings, Christ Jesus Reigns 0766