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SS. Peter and Paul Parish

713 Elm St.
Saint Paul, NE 68873
Founded 1882
Closed/Merged 2006



Parish History

Saints Peter and Paul’s history began in 1878, when communities of Czechs, Poles, Germans, and Irish immigrants settled in and around the town, speaking diverse tongues, but all believing the same faith and worshiping the one, true God in the same way. 

In 1883 the first church was built.   A Catholic school was completed in 1961. It flourished until 1986.  Many priests have blessed the growth of the church:  including Thomas Mullowney, Robert Warner, Robert Rooney, Bernard Nelson, John Rademacher, and James Murphy. Under the direction of Father Murphy, a new church was constructed and completed in 1992.   

Priests succeeding him included Michael McDermott and Ray Kosmicki. Under Father Kosmicki’s leadership, a new rectory was purchased and plans were developed for a new Parish Life Center. Father Rayappa Konka serves as the current resident priest. 

In 2006, the parishes of Saint Anthony’s of Farwell and Saint Joseph’s of Elba were “clustered” with Saints Peter and Paul’s Parish.

There are 450 families registered in the parish and approximately 325 youths take part in the religious education programs in all three parishes.

Parish Website

Parafia św. Piotra i Pawła w St. Paul, Neb. Historya Polska w Ameryce, X. Wacław Kruszka, Milwaukee, WI, t. XI, 1907, s. 87-88.

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We Need Your Help with Historical Preservation

If you have any important documents or other materials related to this parish and would like to share them with us, please contact us at:

Remember these materials, for example, parish jubilee books, celebrations of priests’ anniversaries, church and/or parish photos, pamphlets, etc., may be valuable to the next generation and may become lost forever.  Your contributions of historical materials may enrich our Polish American Liturgical Center website and archives and they will become a living memorial to your loved ones and your parish history.

We ask you to make an effort to help preserve your parish history as a memorial to all the parishioners who have contributed to making it a magnificent place of worship. We ask you to check the correctness of information about this parish and let us know if it’s incorrect.
May God reward your kindness!


Jeśli masz interesujące materiały dotyczące historii tej parafii, które uzupełnią zbiory Centralnego Archiwum Polonii w Orchard Lake i chcesz je do nas przesłać lub tylko wypożyczyć, to prosimy o kontakt. Jakiego typu są to materiały (zdjęcia kościoła lub innych obiektów parafialnych, opowiadania dotyczące dziejów parafii lub opis jej obecnej sytuacji)? Pragniemy zinwentaryzować i zgromadzić jak najwięcej materiałów dotyczących historii polskich parafii w USA, aby zapewnić pamięć o nich dla przyszłych pokoleń. Jest to jedyny cel prowadzenia działu PARAFIE POLONIJNE na naszej stronie. Prosimy także o sprawdzenie zamieszczonych tekstów i powiadomienia nas o błędach lub innych nieścisłościach.

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