HYMNAL - Pan z Wami

The "Hymnal - Pan z Wami" is an integral part of the "Missalette." It contains the melodies for the hymns that are published in the "Missalette." In this arrangement, the "Hymnal" is a permanent part and can be used for many years. On the other hand, the "Missalette" constantly changes because it must coincide with the liturgical calendar. In the "Hymnal" and in all the editions of the "Missalette" the numeration of the hymns will be the same which will simplify locating the hymns. The common plastic cover holds the "Hymnal" and the "Missalette" as one totality. We are confident that this arrangement will be positively accepted by the clergy. Parish choirs, and the faithful.

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Advent Hymns, Christmas Carols and Lenten Hymns
Easter, Sacred Heart of Jesus and Eucharistic Hymns
Blessed Virgin Mary Hymns
General Hymns

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