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The Polish version of Pan z Wami (No 46)
contains the period
from November 30, 2014 to November 28, 2015.




The Polish Mass prayerbook, Pan z Wami, in the Polish version, contains readings and Mass prayers for Sundays and holy days. For weekdays it contains only the Mass prayers and the Responsorial Psalm verses. This version of the prayerbook also includes Votive Masses as well as a large selection of hymns and prayers for public or private recitation. This is a serial edition arranged according to the cycles of the liturgical year (A, B, and C).

For the liturgical year of 2008 it will appear in one volume and contain 352 pages. In the future we plan to enlarge its format as well as add more prayers and religious hymns. We want it to be not only a Mass prayerbook for the Liturgy but also a favorite prayerbook for the faithful.

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You can see inside, click below: