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Welcome to Orchard Lake:

"I am your Mother, your protection and your source of blessings."







This beautiful painting of Our Lady of Orchard Lake and statue was delivered to the Schools in the spring of 1963. Its creator, Mr. Joseph Jankowski, is an alumnus of the College. In a letter to Msgr. Filipowicz, he wrote the following description of what he tried to capture in this labor of love:

“Robed in a voluminous gown of white and blue, with a stole-like headdress of delicate green, the Blessed Virgin stands suspended over clouds and a gold medallion symbolic of Orchard Lake. From her outstretched arms and upturned hands, delicate ethereal rays emanate to suggest the spiritual favors and blessings that pour forth from the Virgin Mother through our supplication. The position of the hands want to say: I am your Mother, your protection and your source of blessings. Her young face unmarred by the ravages of time speaks eloquently of her virginity. Her blue eyes look forward as if to pierce the heart of the viewer. Her slender nose, firm mouth and chin speak of virtue. Her square face and high full cheeks suggest the Slavic idea of woman-ly beauty. Her queenly-poised head on its long slender neck totally suggests compassion and strength. On her head rests a many-pointed crown of gold, symbolic of the Queen of Heaven. She appears forward of a ray of gold light suggesting her mission of mercy to mankind. Suspended from her neck is a gold "ryngraf" - a shield with the School's coat-of-arms. The background is full of life, color and action, designed to date the concept as contemporary.” Joseph Jankowski (College '36)