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The Polish-American Liturgical Center was founded in 1969 to promote liturgical reform after Vatican II and to provide Polish-American communities and their parishes with the latest most current liturgical materials including the preparation and distribution of new scripture translations and of sermons in Polish.

In October 1970, the Liturgical Center had designed and published Pan z Wami (A Polish Mass and Prayer Book) features the text for Sunday, Holy Day, and weekly Masses, hymns, and favorite Polish prayers.

In December of 2002, for the first time, the Polish-American Liturgical Center designed a Polish-English version of Pan z Wami, which are published beside the Polish version.


The new edition of Pan z Wami for Liturgical Year - C (29 November 2015-26 November 2016) has been prepared. To view layout of the text and contents see  PUBLICATIONS on this website.

The Polish version of Pan z Wami is being issued as a single volume (352 pp.), as previously published. Similarly, the Polish-English version which previously appeared in two volumes will be published this year as a single volume (552 pp.).

A new bi-lingual Polish-English edition of The Sacred Paschal Triduum (136 pp.) is being published. Please note that it will no longer appear in the Polish-English edition of Pan z Wami.

Also, please be advised that parishes ordering bi-lingual missalettes must place a separate order for The Sacred Paschal Triduum prior to 15 August 2015.

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Pan z Wami is printed by Bang Printing, 3323 Oak Street, Brainerd, MN 56401. The Polish American Liturgical Centre must submit an order for printing by the 30th of August. Therefore, please inform us of any changes in the number of missalettes you wish to order prior to this date.

Printing of the missalette begins approximately during the beginning of October and the printer mails misallettes directly to parishes. Parishes may expect to receive copies by the beginning of November. If you have not received your order of missalettes by November 15th , please call: The Polish American Liturgical Center at (248) 683-0409.

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